The Just Cats Store

Shortly after we opened in 1991, Just Cats started carrying cat food and a limited amount of cat care essentials. With a limited amount of retail space, our focus was primarily on veterinary diets we prescribed for our patients.

Our expansion to 1029 East Main Street gave us an opportunity to further meet the needs of our clients and expand our retail operation. In November of 2011, we introduced The Just Cats Store which now occupies the entire first floor of our new building.

Unlike other pet stores, The Just Cats Store sells food and products exclusively for cats. Our goal is to always offer the most comprehensive selection of feline supplies available at highly competitive prices. Our emphasis is on offering quality food, products and solutions for the health, care and well being of cats, and their owners. We follow trends and new product launches closely and make sure that we carry the latest innovations and solutions in cat care.

We stock everything from the smallest of catnip toys to the best made cat furniture in the country. We carry a variety of cat food and are always happy to offer free samples. We focus on the best products available in every category and, since we’re cat owners, we take the time to test the products we carry before we decide to sell them.

We’ve established excellent relationships with our vendors and suppliers and consider them partners in our success. We make sure they stand behind the products we sell and guarantee them without condition. In fact, because we only work with cats, we’re often asked to try out new products and innovations before they are available to the public

We invite you to stop by and visit The Just Cats Store and experience the convenience of a store that only caters to cats. And, if for any reason we don’t have something you’ve been looking for, we’ll be happy to find it for you.

If you have any questions about The Just Cats Store and the products we sell - or, if you’d like us to consider carrying a cat product you’re looking to market, please contact us at